There are plenty of opportunities for more involvement in services and activities.
They can join in craft activities at SAMS while their parents enjoy coffee and newspapers.
They can learn the basics of music at SAMMYs.
Children can join in the Choir.

They can become Boat-bearers (on Festivals) and Acolytes.
Boat-bearer: Anyone from the age of 5 upwards can enjoy this job, which involves carrying the small incense boat and holding it for the grown-up incense carrier (thurifer) while the priest puts incense into the thurible. There’s no need to be trained for this as the boat-bearer is looked after by the thurifer and stays with him or her at all times.
Acolyte (or taperer): Children can move on to acolyting at age 7, although they often want to continue carrying the boat for a while: there is some overlap between the roles. The two acolytes carry candles in the various processions during the service. This needs a bit of training (3/4 to 1 hour). But there are adults to keep an eye out during the service, so they are not on their own—and nobody minds if things don’t always go according to plan!

Children can join the Sunday School at 3+.

There is a children’s concert roughly once a year.