Junior Sunday School meets during the 10.30 service on Sundays, catering for children aged roughly 3 – 8. Each lesson tends to be based on one of the readings for the day although we also occasionally work at separate projects. We start each session with an informal discussion around the theme for the day before working at art and craft and/or written work based on this theme. Having worked hard and having consumed a (vitally important!) biscuit everyone from Junior Sunday School returns to the main church service in time for communion. Parents are always welcome to attend Junior Sunday School which allows each family to decide what feels most comfortable for them. Parental contributions to discussions and practical tasks are always appreciated!


Teenage Discussion Group: Teenagers in the church meet when the younger children are at Sunday School during the 10.30 service on Sunday mornings. We spend time discussing a variety of issues and eating chocolate. Each week a different adult runs a discussion or debate on a different topic. These include issues such as health care, education, heaven, politics, war, law, animal testing, death, creation and occasionally a current news event. We talk about these topics from a Christian perspective but also consider the views of other peoples and faiths. The group is informal, friendly and supportive so it is a safe place to experiment with opinions and views. Sometimes there is a lot of disagreement! We all make up afterwards, though.