Feast of the Epiphany and Holy Week 2018

Dear Friends,

I know that many of us will be thinking about planning our Christmas festivities, but life does go on after that. Hence, I want to let you know about plans that are being put in place for celebrating Epiphany and Holy Week in 2018. Please read on to find out the details……

The Feast of the Epiphany is on Saturday 6th January. There will be a service at 6:00pm in St Giles which will be followed by a “Twelfth Night Feast” in St Giles Parish Rooms. The latter event is to be a fund-raiser for the roof appeal at St Giles and a silent auction is being organised.

Tom also wants to explain what will be happening at the service:

“January 6th is the Feast of The Epiphany when we remember the visitors from the East bringing gifts to Jesus. It is also a time when we bless our homes, marking the area above our doors with the inscription

20 + C + M + B + 18, which is the year 2018 and the initials of the wise men, Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar.

CMB also stands for Christus Mansionem Benedicat, which translates as ‘May Christ Bless this House"

We will be blessing chalk at the service on Sat 6th at 6pm so that we can take a piece away and bless our homes, once you have blessed your own home, please offer the same to a neighbour so that we might share the love of God in our community.”

Epiphany Carol Service: On Sunday 7th January at 6:00pm there will be our annual Epiphany Carol Service at St Margaret’s. As in previous years, the choir of St Margaret’s will be joined by singers from Pro Musica. The readings will include readings from the Bible and poems, most of which will be written by local poets. If you know anyone who would like to contribute a poem, please let me know.

Holy Week is going to be a special week for this Benefice this year as Angela Tilby is coming to be our guest preacher throughout Holy Week. So please put March 25th to April 1st in your diary… there will be our regular pattern of service and this will include a set of meditations on Good Friday. Angela has chosen the Title for this series of talks to be “The death of God.”