Holy Week 2018 – Save the dates

Holy Week 2018

I want to alert you to plans which are being put in place for our celebration of Holy Week in 2018, starting on Sunday Palm Sunday (25th March) and ending on Easter Day (1st April). Angela Tilby will be our invited preacher and her plan for Holy week is as follows:

THEME: ‘The End of God’ with Angela Tilby

The Christian faith is in decline in Britain. Surveys in recent years have shown that the majority of the population claim to have no religion. During this Holy Week Angela Tilby addresses some of the reasons for this loss of faith and explores what it might mean for those who persist in believing (or at least in trying to believe). The drama of Holy Week is the back drop for a new exploration of the basics of Christian faith, and a new challenge to take up the Christian life in the confidence that it rings true in the depths and heights of our humanity.

Palm Sunday Eucharist

Address ‘The end of the road’

Eucharist or Compline on Monday

Address: ‘The end of faith’

Eucharist or Compline on Tuesday

Address: ‘The end of reason’

Eucharist or Compline on Wednesday

Address: ‘The end of freedom’

Maundy Thursday Eucharist

Address: ‘The end of humanity’

Good Friday

Three Addresses with hymns and readings

  1. The empty cross
  2. The crucifix
  3. The nine pointed cross

Service of Light and First Eucharist of Easter

Address: ‘The end of time’

Easter Sunday

Address: ‘The end of ends’

Please do put these dates in your diary…