Notices for Sunday 25th February

Notices for Sunday, 25 February 2018

There are two Lent Groups taking place this Lent: Tuesdays at 8:00pm at the Vicarage, contact Andrew; Thursdays at 8:00pm contact Tom Albinson for the location – Come for the weeks you can.

Thursday 1 March, 1:45pm in St. Margaret’s: the Thursday Afternoon Singers are back! Alice Stainer has agreed to lead the group for all sessions from 1 March until the end of the school term (29 March) and if all goes well she has every intention of continuing. The funding has changed a bit in line with the expectations and agreement of all and there will be an expected contribution of a minimum of £3 per person per session towards expenses.

For anyone whose stock of homemade preserves is running low, there will be a sale of marmalade, jam and jellies after the Parish Eucharist on Mothering Sunday (11 March).

Lost property. Time to check the lost property basket in the baptistery again. There are several lovely items of clothing and an almost new rucksack that need reclaiming, and two pairs of toddler mittens/gloves.

We are looking for a Children’s Worker – could this be you or someone you know? See for more details.

Would you be prepared to help with catering at St. Margaret’s social events? We are drawing together a network of volunteers – please see the notice on the board at the back of church and think about whether you would like to get involved. There are forms for volunteers or speak to Kathryn, Michèle or Samantha.

Holy Week 2018 is going to be a special time for the Benefice, as Angela Tilby is coming to be our guest preacher throughout Holy Week. So please put 25 March to 1 April in your diary. There will be our regular pattern of services and this will include a set of meditations on Good Friday. Angela has chosen the title for this series of talks to be “The death of God.”

The number of newly-stitched kneelers for St. Margaret’s is gradually growing. However, we would like to step up our output! We meet monthly to sew together and if you would like to join our group please email

Daniel and Sandra Howe have been members of St Margaret’s since 1993, living now in Los Angeles, California. They come to Oxford every summer, attend St Margaret’s, and see all their friends. They would like to learn about available housing in Oxford for some or all of the period 1 July16 August 2018. Renting, house-sitting, or house-swapping are all possibilities. Please reply to

The Gatehouse is celebrating its 30th anniversary with an event on 10 October 2018, which is World Homelessness Day. We want to invite all who have been/are supporters of the project in some way, whether that be through a donation of time, food, clothing, funds or you are part of the homeless network. Please share this invite with other people you know, who are also supporters of the Gatehouse. We are hoping to engage as many of the Gatehouse community as we can.

Prayer Requests

Sick: Audrey Faber, Christina Dagleish, Margaret Holmes, Polly, Mike & Anne Screech, Seth Ward, Tina Milkovic, Joan Johnson, Beth Fairbairn, Clare Weiner.

R.I.P.: Andrea Carroll (28/1/2018), John Chatwin (12/2/2018)

Year’s mind: Olive Sayce (25/2/2013), Adrian Hollis (26/2/2013), Graham Williamson (28/2/2010), Shirley Martineau (4/3/2013)