Resources for members of the Benefice on Building Community

Dear Friends,

This coming term there will be a series of different resources offered within the Benefice on the subject of Building Community.

Thursday Lunch-time Talks in St Giles at 12:30pm – The theme for this term is starts with the first talk on Thursday 12th October. We will be looking at how communities are formed, maintained or destroyed in a variety of different circumstances. This promises to be a fascinating series giving us insights from present (Grenfell tower) and past (Indian partition) and local situations. Please see the attached poster for full details of the series of talks.

Prayer Stations – The prayer stations on Building community will go up jest before the start of the Thursday lunch-time talks. If you are unlikely to be able to visit St Giles whilst these are on display, please visit the St Giles web-site.

Bible Studies – On Sunday 15th October, the first of the weekly Bible studies on Building Community will be sent out to members of the Benefice who are on our mailing list. The theme of each week follows the same themes that will be on display in St Giles in the Prayer Stations. If you would like to join a group for this series of Bible studies, please let one of the clergy know and we will put together some study groups with a nominated leader.

Daily thoughts – A daily thought associated with the theme of the week’s Bible study will be sent out to members of the benefice on the mailing list. On some days, links will be provided to short videos which are related to the thought of the day.

Sermons in November – On the Sundays in November, the theme of the sermons at the 10:30am services in the Benefice will be on Building Community. Each week there will be a different preacher coming from a different kind of community. This series of sermons starts off with a representative of a religious communities. On Remembrance Sunday, the themed sermon at St Giles will be at Evensong.

The concept of community is important, not only in our secular society, and perhaps particularly relevant in the UK at this time, but also in the entire idea of what it is to be members of the church. We hope that what is being offering will be thought-provoking and will enhance our understanding of the importance of each of us being part of something bigger, more significant and life-giving, namely a community.


Andrew, Georgie & Tom.