Vicars of St Philip and St James

James Black Gray 1862
Edward Conduitt Dermer 1872
Charles Richard Davey Biggs 1900
Robert Milton Hay 1923
Reginald James Mockridge 1939
William Bradley Vernon 1952
Arthur James Maxwell Saint 1965

Vicars of St Margaret’s

R. Hartley 1896
E. Wilfred Pullan 1906
John L. C. Dart 1942
Robert Middleton 1944
Geoffrey Lindley 1956

Priests in charge of St Margaret’s

Bishop Colin Winter 1972
Ronald H. Lloyd 1974

Vicars of St Philip and St James with St Margaret

Nicholas Anthony Thotikat Menon 1976
Paul Robert Iles 1979

Vicars of the united benefice: St Giles, St Philip and St James with St Margaret

John Gawne-Cain 1983
John Morrison-Wells 1992
Andrew Bunch 1997

Obituaries of the first Vicar of St Margaret’s

(The Times, April 15, 1937)


The death of the Rev. Robert Hartley,
which occurred at Barnes in his seventy-fourth
year, will be deeply regretted by his many
friends of all conditions in whose lives he
took so enduring and loving an interest. The
only son of Robert Hartley, of Halifax, he
graduated from Exeter College, Oxford, and
inherited from his father a substantial fortune
which throughout his life he used largely for
the benefit of the various causes, institutions,
and individuals in which, or in whom, he was
interested. His parishioners in the parish of
St. Margaret’s, Oxford, where he was vicar
for many years, and later at Bighton, Hants,
where he was rector, have good cause to
remember his genial personality and generosity.
He was a lover of children, and some of the
L.C.C. schools will remember with gratitude
his interest in their after-care work. He was
unfailing in his kindness and sympathy for
others and a lover of the countryside, especially
the Lake District, where he was well known
in Grasmere. He was a strong supporter of
the Council for the Preservation of Rural
England from the date of its inception 10
years ago. He married Gertrude Mary,
daughter of the Rev. F.A.Hayden, who was a
Fellow of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, and
rector of Wantage. She died in April, 1915,
and today, 22 years afterwards, he will be
laid to rest with her in the quiet churchyard
at Ticehurst, Sussex.

(source not known)


A correspondent writes:—
“The name of the Rev. Robert Hartley,
whose death was recorded last week, will
recall happy memories to many. He was
formerly a curate at SS Philip and James’
Church, and became the first vicar of St. Mar-
garet’s , Oxford, in 1890. He lived at ‘The
Mount’ St Margaret’s-road, where St Hugh’s
College now stands. During the ten years of
his charge he endeared himself to all his
parishioners. This showed itself especially in
the interest and care which he bestowed on
the many children, who, in those days, resided
in his parish. They were to him ‘his chil-
dren’, and so they ever remained. His old
friends were delighted to greet him when he
came recently to reside again in the parish.
Although he had left it for nearly thirty years,
it was astonishing to find how vividly he
could remember the children and people whose
interests he had so sympathetically made his
own. His life recalls Goldsmith’s lines:—

His ready smile, a parent’s warmth expressed,
Their welfare pleased him, and their cares distressed
To them his heart, his love, his griefs were given.
But all his serious thoughts had rest in heaven.”