God our Father
who created the world in love
who created men and women in his image to live with each other in the ways of love, justice, and forgiveness
who is to be found

in human love
in the glory of nature
in the marvels of science
in the beauty of music and poetry
who is with us in any sadness, loneliness, or fear and in our joys and celebrations
who is near, not far off and we can come to him in prayer
Jesus Christ
who was born and lived a human life in Palestine 2000 years ago
who showed God’s love to the poor, the outsider, the ordinary, and the rich
in whose life we see what God is like—forgiving, accepting, healing, challenging
who gave his life in love, dying on a cross and reconciling the world to God
who rose from the dead
who is with us always and is knowable today
who sent out his followers to change the world, taking a message of good news to all people
who asks his followers to keep on doing this today
The Holy Spirit
who is the presence of God within each person, guiding us in the way of truth
who helps us to realize our potential and become fully the person God made us to be
who is the invisible go-between connecting us with God and other people and making us aware of their needs
who encourages us in gifts of

who is at work in the church and in the world