Sunday Service – Holy Communion

30 minutes long

This service provides an opportunity to refresh our faith in a quiet and dignified manner. It takes place in the chancel of the church is celebrated at the high altar. The setting gives this service both a sense of intimacy amongst the worshippers and a grandeur to the occasion. The order of the service, the readings and prayer for the day are all taken from is from the Book of Common Prayer (1662). The theology of the service emphasizes our dependence on God and his love for us despite our many failures to live up to our calling. The acceptance of this reality can at first seem strange, but is comforting once we can accept our own reality.


Sunday Service – Parish Eucharist

75 minutes long

This is the main service in the life of St Margaret’s and welcomes all people to experience worshipping God together. The aim is to provide a service in which worship is integrated with our daily life so that we are enabled to recognize God’s presence more fully throughout the week. There is a strong sense of community in all aspects of this service, members of the congregation and choir lead the intercessions, give the readings and take on supporting activities. There is a quiet room available for very young children to play and Sunday Schools are provided for three different age ranges. The emphasis of the sermon is to integrate the teaching of the gospel with our daily lives. The choir provides a wonderful atmosphere for the worship and an appropriate seasonal anthem is sung during the distribution of communion. At the end of the service, refreshments are provided and many stay behind to catch up with their friends and welcome visitors to the church. The life of the church is characterised by a liberal catholic attitude to theology and worship.


Sunday Service – Evening prayer

45 minutes long

A beautiful way to draw the aff airs of the day to a close, the form of this service is from the Book of Common Prayer (1662), with
the psalms and readings being those set for Common Worship. The service takes place in the Lady Chapel, a quiet and reflective
space for this act of worship. Most Sundays there is a sermon or sho  reflection on the readings. This service is frequently led by
lay leaders from the worshipping community.