Whatever your age, the day of your Baptism is probably one of the best of your life. It is the day that you take up the promise that God offers to everyone to be a full member of his family. It is the day when you shed all the concerns and problems of the past and start a new life under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. It is the day when life takes on a very different meaning, when you promise to follow the example of Jesus so that God’s love may flow through you.

That is the reason why your baptism is so special to us at St Margaret’s.  We want to encourage you and all members of your family to be Baptised. We want to welcome you as full members of God’s family, the Church.

If you want to get baptised or if you want to get your baby baptised please fill in this booking form. We will talk you through what is involved and what commitments you are taking on, but most of all we will do our best to assist and encourage you through the preparations and process of your Baptism.

Baptisms at St Margaret’s are usually at the 10:30am Sunday service. We try to accommodate requests about the day of Baptism, but there may be some need for flexibility. In fixing the date, we ensure that we don’t have Baptisms on consecutive Sundays , that there are no more than four Baptisms at any one service and the Baptism won’t clash with some other occasion in the church.