To the family and friends of someone who has recently died, the conduct of their funeral is very important. Those who organise the service want to respect the wishes of the deceased, but so often their wishes are not known. This situation could be very much easier if a few simple questions had been answered and recorded whilst the person was still alive. If you would like to help your loved ones in this way, the key questions that they will need to know are listed below. Please note that there are no right and wrong answers, generally the answers given are a matter of personal choice.

  1. Do you want your body to be buried or cremated?
  2. Do you want the service to be in church or at the crematorium?
  3. If the service is at church, do you want to have a Eucharist with the funeral?
  4. If your body is to be cremated after a service in church, do you want to have the committal at the hearse?
  5. What hymns would you want to have?
    (Two hymns for a service at the crematorium, three for in church)
  6. Do you have any particular readings you would like?
  7. Where would you like your body / cremated remains to be buried?

It is helpful if you sign and date the list of answers, so that if you change your mind, your relatives know they have correctly identified your most recent preferences. If you have any difficulties with the questions, do please get in touch.